Editing SDL Tridion Docs DITA files in Oxygen XML Editor

I am new to working with the SDL Tridion Docs connector to Oxygen XML Editor but am familiar with using Oxygen XML Editor to edit other DITA files. I am wondering if there is any further documentation/recommendations out there to help with the configuration steps involved in order to edit and test transforms of SDL Tridion DITA files more seamlessly inside Oxygen.

Any advice appreciated,

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  • If you already have an XML catalog which maps a custom DTD public ID to the customized DTD, your plugin just needs to refer to that XML Catalog:

    Hi Akheil,

    I believe my problem is with the use of a custom DTD which is referenced in the DOCTYPE declarations of the DITA map that I am working with e.g. <!DOCTYPE map PUBLIC "-//Ann//DTD DITA Map//EN" "annsMap.dtd"[]>

    I have a new Document Type Association in Oxygen called Anns DITA Map. Under the Association rules I have it associated it with the DOCTYPE  above. I also configured the Catalogs tab to point to the catalog.xml file that was supplied to me for this new type.

    When I create a new DIta map in Oxygen, I can see that the Document type property for this file is referring to the new type Anns DITA Map but when I try to transform this map via the Transformation Scenarios I get the following error (doctored to remove real names)

    Transformation failed. <path to DITA-OT>\plugins\org.dita.base\build_preprocess.xml:62: Failed to run pipeline: [DOTJ078F][FATAL] Input file 'file:/<path to DITA map>/file.ditamap' could not be loaded. Ensure that grammar files for this document type are referenced and installed properly. Cannot load file: <path to DITA map>\annsMap.dtd (The system cannot find the file specified)

    Do you have any idea what configuration step I am missing?

    Any advice appreciated,


  • Hi Ann,

    Does an OOTB concept publish to DITA-OT from Oxygen without issues? If using a custom DTD, it needs to be referenced in catalog-dita.xml (Located in C:\Program Files\Oxygen XML Author 20\frameworks\dita\DITA-OT2.x)

    The reference would look something like this.

    <nextCatalog catalog="../../../../../Users/<username>/AppData/Local/SDL/InfoShare Client/0108813335/Config/DocTypes/catalog.xml"/>



  • Thank you Akheil, I followed your instructions above and the transform of a DITA file using a custom DTD is now working in Oxygen.

    Next is to try the same with a custom DITA-OT. I want to understand the impact of the different configuration elements within Oxygen.

    Much appreciated,