What is in ro.sync.ecss.extensions.dita.map.DITAMapCustomRuleMatcher


I am working with the SDL Tridion Docs connector to Oxygen XML Editor and am trying to understand the configuration within the trisoftdita framework that is created after installing the connector.

The SDL Tridion Docs  DITA Map framework has an associated Java class ro.sync.ecss.extensions.dita.map.DITAMapCustomRuleMatcher.

Can someone advise what this is doing?

Thanks in advance, 


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  • Hi Ann, my understanding is that it uses this class for Document Type Association in Oxygen. You can view the class referenced under Tools | Preferences | SDL Tridion Docs DITA MAP | Association rules. As for SDL use of this class, they used it to associate all DITA maps opened in Oxygen to be associated with "SDL Tridion Docs DITA Map" framework. 

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