Unable to Release multiple output types when single-sourcing Help and PDF

Earlier this year we made some modifications to our configuration to allow Help (SuiteHelp 5) to be generated from a Bookmap-based publication. So now we create one publication, and generate both the PDF output and corresponding Help output from it (we have to switch the pub's conditions back-and-forth for each output type before publishing) .

We just ran into a hitch: we set the condition to PDF output for the pub, got a Release Candidate for the PDF, and Released the PDF. Now we need to change the pub's condition to Help output instead of PDF so we can also release the Help, but LCA won't let us save the modified condition settings. I suspect it is because the baseline has been frozen.  The Help content is correct, but it would be nice to Release it for tracking purposes. 

Has anyone out there run into this, and how did you solve it?

  • Hi Elizabeth,

    This described behaviour above is the expected and implemented behaviour of SDL LCA (or SDL Tridion Docs). When you release a publication output you are locking down a number of items on the publication version. This is the baseline that gets frozen, but also the conditions used for the publication. As the conditions are stored on the version level of the publication, they are shared for both the PDF and Help. So releasing the PDF output is locking down the context (conditions set on the version level) as well.

    As this is by design, you can not work around it.

    Possible work around (although not nice) would include:
    - Version the publication so that you can update the context (conditions) on that version to match the Help conditions. Version could be a branch as well, but if the version number is an artefact on you publication output this would introduce a potential difference between PDF and Help.
    - Create a new publication (which is a duplicate of the original one) and use that to maintain the Help conditions. You can autocomplete the baseline of the new publication with the baseline information of the original publication version to have the same baseline information applied.

    So no nice solutions available (at the moment).

    Kind Regards,


  • Thanks Raf - branching seems like an imperfect but reasonable option for us Slight smile