What do you think of the potential new overview diagram for SDL Web/Tridion?

I shared about a potential new diagram for SDL Web/Tridion in the documentation.



Let's continue the discussion here.

  • Regarding Julie Landman (JulieLandman)'s points:

    On #3, I'm not quite certain we are thinking about this from the same perspective. Indeed, schemas are selected by Editors when working with pages and components, but I think the reasons they were put in the Development and Design category is that they do not themselves represent content. Basically, I saw the Editorial Items category as including the things that the Editor role has primary responsibility for as an author/creator/editor. Would Editors be the creators of the schemas? I thought that schemas are pre-existing from an  Editors point of view, and that someone else, someone more technical, would have created them as part of the D&D role/phase of implementation, but perhaps I am wrong about that.  


    Now for a second comment on #4 regarding where/how Blueprinting should be represented. I am not certain  how it ended up in D&D, but agree this may not be the best place.  I do think it needs to be included though,  even if it is a logical structure. As I am considering it again now, I think that it should be an organizational item. In fact, this is where the options/ribbon for it is located in the Explorer toolbar.  Furthermore, the label should be "BluePrint Hierarchy" to match what is is in the user interface.  Thoughts?

    My thoughts:

    Yes, I see Schemas, Component Templates, Page Templates, and Target Groups as pre-existing items from an Editor's point of view. I don't think we need to get into this distinction in the diagram between items editors create vs. the items they select. To me, the critical editorial items are Pages, Components, and Multimedia Components, even though they interact with the other items.

    BluePrint Hierarchy works for me as well and would be good at the top of the organization & classification section.

  • Thanks Alvin. Base on Ron's comments and your feedback, I've updated the diagram to move BluePrint Hierarchy and Publications to the Organization and Classification grouping. This group is wee bit big, but all still fits. Here's the latest and greatest version for all to see. :) 

  • As a follow-up to this discussion, see the latest iteration(s) of the diagram is the SDL Documentation Center.