Survey and Discussion: How do you organize your content teams?

How do you organize your content teams? See our existing training slide, answer some questions, and join the conversation below.

Existing Training

Training Training Curriculum and Delivery Manager  shared a familiar training slide about "Site Element Separation" with me.

We've long had this description in training of the elements of a website and how different personas work together to manage publications.

The instructor's notes included:

Let's see how Site Element Separation typically works in the SDL Web Content Management implementation.

Authors and Translators will create and manage content in the designated content Publications.

Marketers will create and manage targeting elements (typically promotional content as well as profiles).

Designers will create and manage design elements such as layout, look and feel (branding).

Developers will create and manage elements needed for the web application (Templates, functionality, Business logic, etc.).

Editors will assemble all of the created site elements and build the necessary pages as well as sections for the site. This is typically done at the Web site publication. This publication is where publishing is allowed as it will contain the publishable elements for the site.

Content Organization Survey

Perhaps roles have changed since we first created this slide. Here are a few questions on how your content organizations are set up.

We want to hear from you! Join the discussion to give us some feedback and insights on how your content organizations are set up.

How many people do you see in the roles? Feel free to share a diagram or breakdown (no sensitive or personally identifiable information, please).

Are we missing any of your key titles or roles?

How would you update this slide to introduce the concept of "Building Blocks" to trainees? We'd love to feature your feedback in future training modules.