Is there any documentation for installing and applying font awesome?

We would like to begin using fontawesome and will soon be upgrading to DXA. Does Tridion support fontawesome or other font icons?

  • I understand Font Awesome and font icons rely on specific HTML elements with appropriate classes which are then displayed as icons on the published website.

    There isn't official documentation for such an integration, but I'd consider one or two approaches depending on your use case.

    • If icons are managed by the application and/or the design, then your rendering logic (views, if using DXA) could manage the necessary markup.
    • If editors need to insert such icons within rich text, then either:
      • Let them insert placeholder text, symbols, or links, which you can then template to the appropriate markup OR
      • Allow custom CMS styles to let advanced editors add classes themselves

    This last option would store the font-awesome markup directly in your rich text and assumes the markup applies across your sites (BluePrint).

    Update: see answer from  that Font Awesome is already part of DXA. Awesome.

  • The DXA whitelabel HTML design (which you get by default if you install DXA, see also the sources here on GitHub: comes standard with Bootstrap and Font Awesome. It doesn't have any integration for editors using icons in rich text, so that is something you might need to look at implementing yourself if that is of interest.
  • Font Awesome's already in DXA? Awesome. ;-)