Alt and title attributes for images - pitfall for accessibility

We are currently analyzing our site with focus on accessibility. We are struggling with the way tridion handles the image alt and title attributes. Here are the problem we're encountering. Are others encountering similar issues? Suggestion for workflow improvement? Or is this a bug?

1 - When adding an image, we have the option of giving it an image a "Name" and adding a "Description" under the meta tab. The ALT attribute in the code pulls the text from the description field. Ok. Now, where can we add text to display for the Title attribute?

2- When we add a wysiwyg image, the text that was previously entered as the file 'Name', gets pre-populated into a field named "Text" which can be found in the (advanced dialogue box). This text ends up displaying for BOTH the Title and the Alt text in the html. This is very poor practice. If this text is completely removed, nothing displays for alt or title in the html.

Is this a bug? Our developer believes this is something that needs to be addressed by SDL and is not something we can easily handle on our end.

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  • Thanks. This does not appear to be an issue with the Multimedia schema, since there are fields for ALT text, captions, etc. when using that to upload an image. This seems to be an issue with the popup box that displays when embedding an image in the body section of a component using the WYSIWYG editor and selecting the image icon, then selecting and image component, then selecting "Advanced" in the popup box.
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