DXA 2.2 setup with java spring boot

To Setup dxa-2.2 java with spring boot 

we can refer pom.xml 

things to be taken care when update dxa version

<dxa-tridion-provider.version></dxa-tridion-provider.version> [this can be replaced with later dxaversion]

also we need to update discovery service url based on cd_client_conf.xml

This setup supports graphql client provider -- Recommended provider 

in case looking for model-service client on webapp please enable model-service from dxa.properties file, please refer DXA documentation for more -> https://docs.sdl.com/792164/534555/sdl-digital-experience-accelerator-2-0/enabling-the-dd4t-model-service-provider--java-

Reference code is available at


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