SDL Tridion Sites community review #12

Episode 12. Happy New Year!
What was new in the Tridion Sites community last week?
Blogs and articles
"Should I use a JavaScript framework with a Tridion implementation?"
Four questions to decide whether you need a JavaScript framework on your website.
"Which JavaScript framework is right for Tridion?"
About Angular, React, Vue, Preact, Handlebars and Pug.
"SDL Web 8.5 in Docker – “Server” Service Error"
Chris describes why it is not yet possible to run the Tridion Site Content Manager in a Docker Container.
“Salesforce Community Cloud integration”
How to set up Salesforce Community Cloud to consume content from your DXA website. 
"Quick start to use Salesforce Community Cloud with vanilla DXA”
Niclas introduces a new DXA module to create content fragments to use in Salesforce Community Cloud.
"Code Generation for Tridion now supports DXA"
The "Code Generation for Tridion" is Visual Studio extension that helps you to create C# view model classes based on schemas it finds in the Tridion Sites Content Manager. The extension now supports both DD4T and DXA.
"Introducing DD4T Version 2.1 for Java"
DD4T 2.1 for JAVA has been released!
"Changes in DD4T 2.1 for Java"
About the changes and improvements made in DD4T 2.1 for Java.
"Using ECL Images in DXA"
Niclas explains how to use ECL media in DXA, and introduces a generic DXA module for ECL media.
"Content Delivery without services: Running a Tridion web application without a content delivery stack"
How to simulate the Content Delivery stack using Hoverfly.
Stats for last week
10 blog articles
5 questions on Tridion.Stackexchange 
The 12 community reviews I posted since mid-October last year covered 62 articles and 4 videos, a great number. Thanks to all authors for all contributions last year! 

Have a nice week,