RE: IWrite plugin XML settings

I don't know whether it is the right forum to ask this question.

We have an IWrite XML settings and we wanted to trigger a plugin only when FMODULETYPE type has a particular value. Thanks in advance. For an example: Will the below XML setting work? Thanks in advance

<plugin name="AN Generator Plugin" handler="ANGeneratorPlugin" ishcondition="CurrentAction='Checkin' and
                    (ISHType in ('ISHModule') and EDT='EDTXML') ">
    <description>AN Generator Plugin</description>
        <ishfields >
            <ishfield name="FMODULETYPE" level="logical" value="******" />
            <parameter name="XPathTitle">//topic//prolog//metadata[@id='META']</parameter>
            <parameter name="XPathDataAN">//data[@name='ebsco-AN']</parameter>
  • Gave it a try but got a "The XML of IshPluginConfiguration did not pass schema validation. The 'value' attribute is not declared."

    We also need the ability to trigger plugin depending on status passed in by checkin operation, ie the plugin should only trigger when checkin with status of "Released", is that something possible?