2 DWT questions Tridion2013

Hello all,

Not sure if I can post my questions here, please tell me where to move my question if necessary...

1) I added to a page a custom metadata schema. In that schema, there is an embedded component field 'Summary'.

The components that I can add in that metadata field all have a Title and Article field.

How can I show in the page template with DWT the contents of the Article field?

@@Summary@@  -> displays only the tcm-id of the embedded component

@@GetFieldValue("MetaData.Summary", 0)@@  -> displays only the tcm-id of the embedded component

@@Summary.Component.Field.Article@@ -> displays nothing

I tried many other forms, but none of those works. Anyone got an idea?

2) When I loop the components to display the contents in my page template, I also want to access Target Group information and display for example a <div class="targetGroup1"> around the content, if that target group is checked by the editor while placing the component on the page. With what syntax I can do that ?

Kind regards, hope somebody will point me in the right direction!