The release notes and product documentation provide details on the improvements and enhancements which are being made to SDL Contenta Publishing Suite (SDL Contenta, Contenta S1000D, LiveContent S1000D & XPP) with every release. We also provide information on qualified platform requirements for each release, in the links below;

Contenta Publishing Suite Release Links

For specific details and enhancements for each of the product releases please access the FTP links below;

Contenta, Contenta S1000D, LiveContent S1000D 5.5

Contenta, Contenta S1000D, LiveContent S1000D 5.4

Contenta, Contenta S1000D, LiveContent S1000D 5.3

XPP Releases Links

XPP 9.1 

XPP 9.0

XPP 8.4

Request an Upgrade (On Premise)

Should you be planning to upgrade the first step would be to review the platform requirements documentation and product release notes for the version you are intending to upgrade. You should be able to find this info in the documentation links found above. Once ready to start the upgrade process it is recommended you open a request through the SDL Global Support Web Portal, , . In the request place make sure you include the product version currently in use and also the server platform (WINDOWS, LINUX, UNIX).

Although our upgrades are customer installable, SDL strongly recommends that you enlist the help and support of our expert SDL Professional Services team to assist in the planning, scheduling and installation of the upgrade.  After deciding to plan your upgrade, please do engage our Professional Services team for initial discussion, site analysis to understand your current environment, and to talk through implementation planning and the actual upgrade.