Content Import Tool Errors

Errors when trying to import objects. Connection to repository is successful however I'm getting errors that I do not understand. 

2020-02-27T10:34:01.8355998 Error Unable to reach the Repository '[NAME]'. A connection with the service 'https://[webserver]/ISHWS/Wcf/API25/DocumentObj.svc' could not be established. [-1] The parameter 'ishType' with value 'ISHNone' is invalid. The value 'ISHNone' cannot be converted to an 'Trisoft.InfoShare.API.Enumerations.API25.ISHType' object. ([FILEPATH].xml)
2020-02-27T10:34:01.8355998 Warn The import finished: 0 succeeded, 7 failed, 0 up to date, 0 skipped.