customizing xbuttons

I am customizing our xbuttons. How do I create an xbutton to insert the section symbol? For example, I was able to use "\t\sAmpersand\s & " to create an xbutton to insert an ampersand, but I can't figure out how special characters like the section symbol can be inserted.

  • [Copied from XyUser Group community.]

    Try either of these for the section symbol; the first demonstrates how to use the (default) PI keyboard assignment and the second demonstrates how to use the generalized Shift-F2 keyboard sequence for any particular Unicode value (where the Unicode value for section symbol is 0xA7):

    "\sSection PI s"
    "\sSection <SHIFT> ACCENT A 7 RETURN"

    In the latest (XPP 9.2) version of the Managing XPP (manxpp.pdf) manual on you will find this information in Chapter 4 (Customizing the XButtons Menu). The table of Keystroke Mnemonics starts on page 4-9. ACCENT is described on that page and PI is on page 4-11.

    The general discussion of Using Keyboards is found in Chapter 15 (of XPP 9.2 version) of the User Guide (user.pdf). However since keyboard mappings can be customized I don't think the documentation gives tables of delivered mappings of the different keyboards.

    The different keyboard mappings are defined in the _kb_#.sde and _kb_u#.sde files that are found in Lsyslib and hopefully should all match the Ascii field definitions in the _xcs_default.sde file.

    The showxcs utility (see Command Line Utilities manual) might be helpful in "dumping" the keyboard definitions as found in the _xcs_default.sde file. There is also a Print Keyboard utility that is described in Fonts manual (page 4-13 of XPP 9.2 version) to print out the keyboard mappings as defined in the kb files.