Tabular Error

Hello, Any insight to resolve this error?

ERROR: Tabular: Invalid max. column width (20): fn = me

The max col width is set to 'block width'


  • Hi Jeremy,

    I don't think your question can be answered without knowing much more about the table setup as to number of columns and the Width/Ratio specification of each column as well as the Style of Column Widths Specified (as well as if there are any column spans in the table). Could be that other settings in the tabular T1 spec (or via corresponding overrides in the table) need to be know as well.

    I doubt whether having Maximum Column Width set to 'block width' is the problem (because that just means no imposed limit other than the remaining measure in the block when composition gets to a column with no other set width), or rather I should say that it may be that you need to set Maximum Column Width to an actual value to keep any "widest text" columns (with lots of text in them) to a reasonable width.

    If those hints don't help you figure it out, it might be best to open a Case with Customer Support.