Using psfmtdrv to Generate PDF.

We are using the below command as such:



psfmtdrv -nhdr -df /psdestinationdir -pdfusegs -efd2 -cd ${JOBDIR}/${DIVDIR} -pn /our_custom_file;


Up until a couple days ago this worked perfectly in test, today it is failing.  It just silently dies without producing any PDF output file at all.  This is perplexing as nothing was done to the shell script that runs the command.  We've spent a lot of time trying to track down the problem, and my current theory is that it has something to do with the configuration information stored via the XPPathfinder GUI, or gained by accessing config data within the Job or Div directories.  So I have a couple of questions:


- Other than strace how can I debug this executable to see what it is doing and try and resolve the problem?

- Is there a way to translate the command line flags for this program into the command line flags necessary to generate the PDF using ghostscript?

- Am I using the psfmtdrv command correctly is there a better way to generate the PDF (ghostscript perhaps)? 


Any assistance is appreciated.


Thanks - Tod 

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