Languages used for the development of XPP

Hi All,

I'm working as a accounting analyst for XPP process .I want to be in development team. Can you please tell me what are the programming languages other than PERL used for the development?


  • Hi Dinesh,

    Hard to speak to the skills you might want to develop without knowing anything about the kind of work where you are that's being done with XPP.

    If there is any work being done with "transformations" of the data, then besides Perl you might want to look into XSLT (and if your company uses it then Omnimark).

    As far as any work being done with "styling" of the data, if your company uses it then you might want to look into CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) - not really a programming language per se but more of a markup language (but still something that has to be learned).

    Perhaps other customers may have some other suggestions.

  • Dinesh,

    Since a rather complete Perl instance comes with the system, I think that most of the development and tool building done around XPP is done in Perl. But one is free to pick any language to build XPP tools.
    As Jonathan said already, it largely depends on what you try to do.
    If it is XML transformation, XSLT (both 1 and 2) are a good choice.
    And if you want to an ace at modern style building, CSS is the way to go.
    But still not to forget even in modern style building is the XPP macro language and the XPP macros (even when doing xyPerl).