PDF creation from XSLFO


I am new in SDL XPP. I want to generate PDF from XML by XSL and XSLFO. Is there any document are available on how to get started.

  • Rahul,

    XPP does not support XSLFO (which is a bit seen as a blast from the past)
    Instead we use CSS to create PDFs.
    And should you need to perform any transformations on the incoming xml, XPP comes standard with an XSLT 1 and XSLT 2 engine.

    Let me add to this that XPP allows you to interactively see and edit the end result.
    You can make interactively make changes to your style setup and immediately the resulting page(s).
    Once you finished your style setup you can run XPP in a fully automated black box scenario (just like you would with an XSLFO engine)

    Hope this helps you in your research...

  • Hi,

    Can you please provide XPP document so that i can learn and ask to purchase to my company regarding how XML will transform to PDF either by SDL XPP XSL or SDL XPP.
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