Does anyone use Arbortext to enforce unique IDs on elements?

 If so, how?

  • Unique ID management seems easy enough at first but can get tricky fast. How do you create an id that is unique across your whole database? What happens if you copy/paste data that contains unique ids? How do I make this all easy on the user?

    A robust UID management environment requires a central "authority" that provides UIDs to those that request them. Such an environment also requires automation to prevent and detect duplicate UIDs. We have deployed such environments that consist of a UID service that Arbortext Editor sessions communicate with to request one or more UIDs for assignment. The environment also includes customizations in Arbortext to prevent and detect duplicate UIDs. The Arbortext customizations also include nice features to automatically assign or re-assign UIDs as well as strip UIDs at paste time or on-demand.
  • Thanks for your reply. We have considered a UID management system, but we may not need it. We are mostly curious if there is anything out of the box to get Arbortext to more strictly enforce IDs defined by the DTD within the currently edited document. Arbortext provides a list of duplicate ID list, but our editors ignore it. We want to know if we can ratchet up the warning or error.
  • I can say for sure it is possible to create a restricitve environment within Arbortext. It would require some programming but as you may know, Arbortext has a robust API exposed through multiple programming languages.
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