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Hi All,


I am getting the same index fields in different lines as shown in below image(in this case "and").



What is the macro(s) should I have to use in the CITI spec to get the same index field in the same line with different page numbers?




 Please help me with this.


  • Hi Dinesh,

    Have you tried comparing the processes (not macros - that is something else) listed in the CITI spec in the tables for the two different documents (divisions) to see what is the difference in the listed processes (where one does what you want and the other does not)?

    Have you looked in the Using CITI manual for the documentation on the different CITI processes?

    One or both of those things should help you determine the answer to your question.

  • I think you need to focus on the use of the 'sort' and 'dedupe' processes in the "Process Names" fields  along with the value specified in the "No. of Duplicate Output Levels to Suppress" field.

    The Using CITI manual describes the use of these processes and those fields and has examples.