XPP: Can someone please tell me how to center a small graphic on the page?

 I want no text flowing on the sides.  I tried setting width to full - but the graphic does not center - stays flush left.

  • Hi Dot,

    Unfortunately you've not given any details on how you're placing the graphic (<ig>, <igt>, pickup?) or any of the parameters that you're using.

    Assuming you're talking about a pickup, since you mention about wanting no text flowing on the sides, I tried a quick test using a pickup.

    On the pickup itself (type: here) I have Width: full, Scope: page or block (doesn't seem to matter for my sample), Keepout: fs.

    In the pickup I have an annotation block and a graphic block.

    On the annotation block I have Xorig: left and that text block is flush left.

    On the graphic block I have Xorig: center and the graphic is centered.

    Perhaps you've set width to full on the graphic block but not on the pickup itself?

  • Thank you. You helped me zero in on the combo to make this work. Using pick. Have graphic and title. I change the graphic to comptd and center instead of full and center and I think it worked! The pick is set to full.