LINUX on XPP with other X11 emulator?

Hi folks - has anyone used anything other than Exceed to access XPP that is on a Linux server? I am being asked if either of these 2 are an options, Xming or Cygwinx?

  • No one ever responded to this and you're situation may well have passed into a resolved or forgotten-about status.

    I worked with a Danish company for many years and they tried many X11 emulators. In the end, despite the expense, they always returned to Exceed OnDemand (for WAN) and XManager 3.? for LAN.

    I can personally vouch for Exceed OnDemand - it worked flawlessly for the many years I was involved in that project. 

  • I agree with Mark.  We tried Xming and found that some frames didn't want to work, wouldn't generate. We currently use Exceed for the X11 server, and PuTTy as the Linux connection using the SSH and X11 on functionality in the PuTTy interface to access the Exceed server.

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