X-11 window focus from windows to Linux?

Anyone experience a Xwindow focus issue as below?
Editing any division in XPP Pathfinder
XPP 9.3 on Linux
Exceed 14 for X-window render
Putty 0.62 connection from windows to Linux XPP server
Using the Search softkey(E1r screen)
After entering the search term in the popup window, the initial find does not return focus to the division window, focus is set to the softkey window.  In order to use the F11 line editor key the window focus needs to manually be set back to the division window.

  • I believe we discovered after-the-fact (i.e. after the initial XPP 9.2.0 release), that with the change to the XyView/Sdedit GUI on the Linux platform from being Motif-based to GTK-based, that this additional (Exceed) X-Server setting change was necessary in order to get focus to properly go back to the main window.

    Many here at SDL already had this X-Server setting cleared in their Exceed setup (didn't seem to matter to XPP with Motif-based GUI before the GUI change which way this setting was set), and so we hadn't initially noticed any focus problems.

    The XPP 9.2 instunix.pdf document was hot-fixed in October 2017 on the docs.sdl.com web site (and the doc change was carried forward into the 9.3 version of this PDF).

  • That was the issue I didn't review the 9.3 settings for Exceed in the documentation.  We are jumping from 9.0 to 9.3 so at least it was explainable. Thanks much for the second set of eyes.

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