Again with the running heads...

I have a strange thing happening with the section numbers in my running heads.I can fix it manually as a layout adjustment for each occurrence, which isn't so bad when there are just a few pages. I would prefer that they work correctly, though.

On some pages they appear correctly:

But on a page where a section begins, I just get that section number:

In this case, "3" is the chapter number and is called into the header independently. Below are some of the macros I use. Let me know if I need to show anything else.

Any solutions?

Thank you!


  • Hi Carol,

    One missing piece that you've not provided is the definition of the "" macro.

    I don't know if you've done it on purpose, but one observation I have is that your macros named with semi-colons in them, like ";4" and ";5", will never work (at least not in Classic mode). The XPP software seeing a <;4;3> macro would grab the macro name stopping at the first semi-colon and so would only lookup a macro named "" (and thus never find a macro named ";4"). But perhaps you've done this on purpose in the spec (adding semi-colons to macro names) to "document" some macro history.

    Getting back to the "" macro, I think Chris may have been on the right track. Given that the definition of "!" starts with <ce;45> my guess would be that the definition of "" would have <cs;45>.

    So that would mean that in that "wrong line" you have a <cs;45>...<ce;45> capture of "a." (from "" to "!") followed by a <px;;45>...<pa> capture of "E.5.a." (from "bnaidhf") - in the same line. And as Chris said, if your <tr> callout in the frill is using 'f' (first) then you'll only get "A." (capitalized) and be missing the "E.5." - just as it appears to be the case.

    One possible solution might be to resolve the text register 45 conflict by using a different capture register for one of the two macros or another possible solution would be to rework the order in the data such that the <> macro follows the <bnaidhf> macro. All depends on everything else going on in your "setup".

    Jonathan Dagresta
    SDL XPP Engineering

  • Thinking about this again, I realized that my proposed solution to reorder the macros in the data stream will not work - it will fix the frill callout on the first page of a section but the frill callout will be wrong on subsequent pages (if the section continues through further pages).

    So I think you'll have to resolve the text register conflict (with #45) between the two sets of macros.

    Jonathan Dagresta
    SDL XPP Engineering

  • Looks like the text register conflict was the culprit. I changed that and now it works. Thank you!

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