Has anyone used XPP for non-english (eg. CJK) & What was your experience like?

Hi I am new to this community. Got started thanks to the excellent XPP course @ SDL University. (not to promote or anything)

I have tried printing in Korean and was wondering if anyone has experience in publishing other languages.

  • Printing in foreign languages works fine but does depend heavily on how you data is presented and also how the fonts are set up. We have printed in a variety of languages including Russian, Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese as well as all (well most of!) the European languages. If the data you are inputting uses Unicode then it really is just a case of buying the right fonts and then setting them up in XPP so all other fonts have access to them. This is a bit of a dark art but the fonts manual does guide you through it, however you may need to buy in some Professional Services to sort, in particular if there is no-one in your organisation who has dealt with installing fonts before.

  • Just like Chris said, using XPP to print different languages is in the first place a question of loading the proper fonts that will support the languages you want to produce.

    But don't forget that if you need to set running text in a language, then you will also need to license the proper hyphenation and dictionary for that language.