how to avoid the page auto align

Inspite of doing "no" to page auto balance in PS the page is getting aligned. Can anybody advise on it to control over it. 

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  • Thanks.

    But what do you mean when you say:
    "Actually I need to generate the logo at the bottom-right of the page if there is enough space is available."

    Could you upload a screenshot of the how you want the page to look like AND how the page is looking for the moment?

    (probably there will be more follow-up questions..)

  • I converted the logo as pickup through transformation table and wanted to generate at bottom right of the last page and and I am using 2-column page layout and wanted to flow the text at the bottom of 1st column but the text are getting aligned and logo is generating at the bottom right of the 2nd column. Please suggest how I can flow the text to fill the 1st block/column and then flow to next block/column. 

  • Some other questions.

    Can you verify that the layout on the page is actually two-column original main text blocks, or are the two columns the result of doing a <pc> (because I believe that multi-column PC blocks are always balanced).

    As far as the pickup is concerned, can you include a couple of other screen snaps. One screen snap of the Block Status window with the cursor "on" the pickup (so that the Status Window is showing Pickup Status). And one screen snap of the Modify Pickup form of the pickup. Please also include how the pickup callout is coded (e.g. <pick;...>) and also give us an idea of where in the stream of main text that pickup callout is located.

    The question you are asking, along with all the necessary information about the scenario, is pretty detailed. Another suggestion I have is to open up a ticket (aka Case) with SDL Customer Support where you can provide a full archive of your sample.

    Jonathan Dagresta
    SDL XPP Engineering

  • Thanks Jonathan. I have now resolved this issue.