Copy selection issue in master libraries

Hello. We have an unusual issue that involves basic functionality in XPP PathFinder. One of our users is unable to copy a xychange table from a master library to a local JOB. When he goes to the master library and right-clicks on the table name, the “Copy” choice is grayed out. On the other hand, when I right click on this same table, “Copy” is available to me.

I checked permissions on the Linux side and they are wide open at 777. The master library is also set to 777 permissions.

I am puzzled why I can select “Copy’ but he cannot. Is there some kind of setting elsewhere that affects this functionality on a user-by-user basis?

I should add that “Cut”, “Delete”, and “Rename” are also not available to him but are to me.

Any help is appreciated.

We are using XPP 9.0C.1 SP #4 and, as mentioned, we are Linux based.

Thank you.