What format is api_data.json? Swagger? OpenAPI? ...

Before anyone says "json" ... yes, it IS json, but the question relates to Postman's refusal to accept any of the files as valid with the error message "unrecognized format".

Using a number of online validators and those available from within Visual Studio Code, NONE can parse the supplied files without error.    None can convert to another format or export to openapi: 3.0.0 (or any other format).

  • The "api_data.json" is a json file, but it is just a Javascript JSON object containing the textual content of the doc.

    All of the files in the "documentation" folder are in support of the "index.html" file. There is some javascript and other "src" data to dynamically build the XPPrest doc. You should just browse to host:port/.../index.html to see the doc. Or just go to "http://host:port/index.html to get a status of the web service with links to the full documentation or a summary doc table with just the POST/DELETE/GET functional descriptions.