Creating epub matching XPP division?

Has anyone processed XPP jobs into an epub where the epub output needs to very closely match the formatting of the XPP?  Some headers and spacing/line breaks in the epub don't match the division and colors are applied.  

The tool creates epub2 output, can this be set to produce epub3 output?

Left is the XPP division, Right is the epub2 output...

  • John,

    The delivered demo is just a generic example of how an epub export could be made. You will have to tune it to make anything useful out of it.

    The epub output can certainly set up to match your example XPP output. The epub formatting is CSS based, so there is nothing in your sample output that can't be matched in your epub output.

    And in the divxml output (the xpp utility used by the tool) there is more than enough information available on how things are presented on the XPP PDF output.

    Some years ago (before the xpp2epub_DEMO or the underlying divxml tool was available)  I did a project for Letterpart on a whole series of (legal commentary?) books. Maybe Chris still has some samples on how well the epub matched the pdf output.

    At first glance I can't see any problem (based on the limited sample you have shown) to make things match.

  • Thanks for the info I'm off to the divxml documentation.

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