Default settings for new style file fields

I recently upgraded a site from V9.1 to V9.4.
This site is producing tech doc in 23 different languages and they have a number of different but similar document types.
All this is driven by a publish script that picks up the files from their document management system and produces the corresponding PDF.
Somebody (hey it wasn't me!) in the past decided to have master job tickets for each language and each document type.
That makes for a total of some 7 x 23 = 161 job tickets.

Stupid me decided to do the right thing and change the new field in the job ticket called: 'Report Composition forward cross reference errors' from the default 'yes' setting to 'no'.
I thought it would be a good thing to reduce the number of errors in composition logs.
Halfway through doing the tedious open job ticket, scroll to the bottom, change the field to no, save the job ticket, I started to think that there must be a better way to do this.
(I know, you can script sdedit to do this, but that is a lot of work)
And then I thought: well updating the master job tickets is less than half of the solution as the publishing script will only copy the appropriate job ticket when there is a new (non existing) job. For existing jobs that get republished nothing will change, unless the operator goes in and changes the job ticket manually.

I do understand the logic of SDL engineering that when they create a new field they will default to a setting so that nothing is changed for existing customers and jobs.
But for customers that want to evolve and take advantage of enhanced capabilities in the software that is not always the right choice.
In fact in many many cases it is the wrong choice.
And new and existing customers keep running into the same stupid problems because the software keeps behaving like it was 1983.
Fields like the 'forward composition errors' and 'enable non-spacing marks' and 'enable css inline style' are all fields that by default contain the ' wrong ' value.
And if you go to an existing XPP site, you will find that in most cases these fields have not been corrected for existing jobs. 

But what if we get the possibility to decide ourselves what is the default setting we want for each new field that gets added to any style file?
Like this the system manager decides for each site if they want to take advantage of a new feature or not...
So I entered a new idea on the ideas page.
If you like this idea, please vote it up....