XPP Web Services

Can someone tell me about XPP Web Services and how I can learn more about them? What interfaces/protocols does it support?  I assume it supports SOAP, but does it also support REST?  What kind of server does it run on (ex., Tomcat)?  Any other information about how easy or difficult it is to setup, stability, etc., would be helpful.  Also, I looked for documentation but couldn't find any. 


  • XPP has an add-on package for Web Services. It is definitely SOAP based, but does not support REST at this time. It is tested on Tomcat, but has also been run on Jetty, and probably a few other java web application servers. Very easy to set up; an installer asks for the location of the web application server, basically installs the application and away you go. There are core web services calls for most of the XPP command line utilities for importing, composing, and printing, with some higher level functions to put it all together (like toxsf, translate, compose, print/distill in one web service call).
    A "WSDL" can be obtained from the URL endpoint and it ships with a Java client that implements the WEB service calls (it basically wraps the SOAP for you). It can also be driven via a PERL client using a SOAP::Lite module, and it has also been successfully used in a C# environment (although I have no direct knowledge of this).
    It has proven to be very reliable and stable.
    If you have a support contract, CS can probably get you the documentation. It is in the form of JavaDoc/HTML. It is a purchasable option, so it might be best to contact your sales rep.

    Steve Piercey
    SDL, XPP Enginering.
  • Thanks, Steve. I will create a support ticket to get the documentation.
  • FYI, links to the latest versions of the XPP Web Services 1.3 documents have been added to the SDL XPP section on the http://docs.sdl.com online documentation portal.