ERROR: COMPOSE License Error: Communications error with license server (-17) Connection refused at server (-111)


since moving from XPP 8.4 to XPP 9.0 we've been getting the above RLM licence error. We've been working with SDL support and Reprise but so far have no fix and we were wondering if anyone has experienced this?

We've confirmed that there are no other processes using the same port or any conflicts and nothing changed apart from the move from XPP 8.4 to 9.0 (inc relevant 3rd party apps). We've been given the RLM.exe version 11, which fixes a known issue in regards to port scanning but this didn't make any difference.

There originally seemed to be a pattern with this issue occurring primarily on Mondays despite nothing being different in terms of scheduled tasks, errors or applications but we have also seen it occur on other days as well.

So, is it just us or has anyone else seen this issue?