Assertion failed error in PathFinder (xzplorer)

Hi all,

[Copied from XyUser Group community.]

Two customers have had an assertion failed error (like the one pictured) happen to them in PathFinder (xzplorer).

With one customer it occurred in XPP 8.4 on the RH Linux platform; the other customer was using XPP 9.0 (platform not known). It's probably a problem that can occur in any XPP release (XPP 8.4 or later, when we changed to a wxWidgets based PathFinder). So far neither customer has been able to reproduce the problem at will.

Unfortunately, the "backtrace log" did not help us figure anything out - in this case it is not useful. If anyone to whom this has happened can give me any "hints" as to what steps of interaction between PathFinder and the XyView or what steps in PathFinder cause this to happen, please add comments or open a support ticket (including screen snaps of entire PathFinder window under the error pop-up).

Neither Support nor Engineering have been able to reproduce the problem either, and I cannot find anything obviously wrong in the code. Please maybe keep a "watch" on what you are doing (and do a screen snap of PathFinder) if this problem happens to you (again). We would really like to figure this one out and get it fixed.