Designing 9.2 XPP release

Hello XPP Users,    

SDL is in the process of designing our next release of XPP 9.2. One of our targeted enhancements could affect the Xyadmin Archive/Restore Utility.  We are interested in hearing from you if you use the utility for your own archiving and restoring of work. If so, do you use the utility features allowing you to archive/restore to/from a tape device? Do you also use the Printer or Store TOC option?  

Please respond here or email me,

Thank you.

Barry S

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  • Laurie,

    Job Archive was enhanced back in XPP 8.3 to do a better job of scooping up XyChange "specs" than it did before that, at least with those that are referenced by name in the twelve Job Ticket Input/output Tran fields. Starting then not only would it archive classic TT specs, but it was enhanced to also archive .pl (Perl), .xom (Omnimark), and .xsl (XSLT) files referenced by name in the XyChange fields.

    But it's true that it still does not archive every single possible XyChange spec (such as those referenced in citi specs or that are just present in a JOB/DIV folder or in the Xychange Library.

    I'm not sure if you are referring to the fact that all XyChange specs are still not archived or if you are referring to the fact that before XPP 8.3 it did not archive at all the other types of XyChange files (other than TT specs).

    And since the Job Restore interface never had (and still does not have) an option to specify the Xychange Library to which to restore XyChange files, the utility will restore all the XyChange files to the JOB folder (which is where they are first looked for when you run XyChange).