Product Update: SDL Integration for AEM - June '19

Dear Community,

The June 2019 update for the SDL Integration for AEM brings support for the latest AEM 6.5 version.

The integrations for both SDL Managaed Translation/SDL TMS and SDL Worldserver have been updated to support this latest release.

There are no significant feature updates in the connector, but there were changes in the AEM Translation Framework that required support.

Installers can be downloaded from your usual location, contact your SDL Account team for details, if you are migrating to this version.

SDL Connector Team

  • Hi Nigel,

    Is this updated connector work for SDL TMS On premise solution or only for cloud based (SaaS based) SDL TMS setup only?

    Actually one of our client is having on-premise SDL TMS setup and they want to integrate it with AEM 6.5 will this connector work for this scenario?

    Any limitation around specific version of SDL TMS only?

  • Hi Sandeep
    The SDL Connectors all work with the MantraAPI, our cloud-based solution. So all connectors will required an SDL hosted TMS. We do have a legacy AEM 6.3 connector that uses SDL TMS CTA, but this product will not be updated to supportAEM 6.5


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