Product Roadmap - SDL Managed Translation for Salesforce

The following items and features are planned for future releases of the app.

March 2019

Enhanced security authentication for the app using the latest SDL Managed Translation OAuth requirements.

Enhancement for file naming convention
Pre-pend the translation file name with the article ID and creation date to allow easier tracking and identication of translation articles in the translation system. This option would be configurable for customers, giving the choice to use the old or new naming convention.

Translation file names will look like: ArticleID_Title_CreatedDate.xml

The Title section would still be truncated so the overall xml filename does not exceed 55 characters.

October 2018 - delivered

Enhancement to restrict users from sending updated artcles.
The current SDL app notifies Salesforce users if they try to update an existing article when it is already in a translation workflow. The user can override this in Salesforce and continue with the update and submit this new version to translation. In some Salesforce organisations this can cause a conflict when both translated versions are returned, with Salesforce creating an exception to importing a new translated versions. The SDL app will be updated to enforce this restriction, so that users are not able to submit new versions of an article to translation, until the previous version has been returned and published.

Enhancement for user experience.
The current user experience for managing projects in the All Projects screen can be less than desired when organisations have many hundreds of in-progress translation projects. The SDL app will be updated to include an optional All Projects screen, optimised for managing large volumes of projects. This new screen will include additional filtering for users, article IDs etc.