Product Release - January 2019

Dear Community

I am pleased to announce the latest release for the SDL Integration for Salesforce Knowledge. This delivers an important feature update plus improved user experience for project management.

This notification is for the latest app version, 1.20, which includes an important bug fix. Version 1.19 was released in October last year which included the feature and UX updates.

Latest release can be downloaded for trial from the Salesforce AppExchange:

Release Notes

Version 1.20

Enhancement to restrict users from sending updated artcles.
The previous SDL app notifies Salesforce users if they try to update an existing article when it is already in a translation workflow. The user can override this in Salesforce and continue with the update and submit this new version to translation. In some Salesforce organisations this can cause a conflict when both translated versions are returned, with Salesforce creating an exception to importing a new translated versions. The SDL app will now provide configuration options to enforce this restriction, so that users are not able to submit new versions of an article to translation, until the previous version has been returned and published. In addition, any versions in progress will be highlighted in red in the translation matrix upon job creation.

Enhancement for user experience.
The SDL app includes an additional All Projects screen, providing a kanban or table view, optimised for managing large volumes of projects. This new table view includes additional filtering for users, article IDs etc. In addition a user can click the project name to be taken to that article, where in turn they can click to view the source and target article content.

Bug Fixes
When a user sent an updated article with fields removed, the app was retaining the original content of those removed fields upon import. The import was ignoring NULL fields and retaining the previous content. This has been fixed so that NULL fields are now retained and override original content.