Dear Community,

The 18.4 update for SDL Managed Translation is now live in Production, as of 10am BST on Wednesday, 25th April 2018.

The following new feature is immediately available as a result of the update that went live earlier today-

TM Lookup from the SDL Managed Translation Online Review interface

  • Reviewers with the permission to edit segments during review now have the option of performing a TM Lookup against a specific segment
  • Per the screenshot provided below, a new TM Lookup button is available from the ribbon bar. When selected, TM Lookup is displayed in a side panel on the right hand side of the Online Review interface
  • Reviewers with read-only access to the SDL Managed Translation Online Review feature will not notice any change in behavior

A further SDL Managed Translation update will be deployed to Production next week (w/c 30th April 2018). The following features will be available as part of this release: -

Single Sign-on with SDL ID

  • SDL is introducing a new single identity for accessing SDL’s products and services. This new capability is called SDL ID and allows users to manage a single account with just one set of credentials
  • SDL Managed Translation will provide support for users logging in using SDL ID, once they have linked their existing user account to their SDL ID
  • More information on this feature will be provided ahead of the planned release date

SDL Online Editor

  • SDL Online Editor is an online tool that you can use to execute tasks from SDL Managed Translation
  • SDL Online Editor is a scalable, cost-effective component that combines the core capabilities of a modern desktop translation tool with a friendly interface designed to boost productivity and to ensure a positive user experience
  • Where configured, users can now perform their review or sign-off tasks using the new SDL Online Editor. In a future SDL Managed Translation release, this capability will be extended to support other personas and workflow steps, such as translation and post-editing
  • The SDL Online Editor is intended to supplement the current Online Review feature in SDL Managed Translation. In that regard, access to the SDL Online Editor requires a separate license and is only enabled for customers by request. Customers working with the existing Online Review feature in SDL Managed Translation will not notice any immediate change in behavior
  • For further information on the SDL Online Editor, please contact me directly at or get in touch with your regular account contact at SDL

Additional information regarding both SDL ID and the new SDL Online Editor will be provided in separate Community posts over the coming days. Please stay tuned for updates or get in touch if you have questions regarding any of the new features.


Ian Parnell

Product Manager - SDL Managed Translation