The 19.10 update for SDL Managed Translation was deployed in Production at 9am BST on Thursday, 24th October 2019.
For this latest release, we have implemented a number of enhancement requests raised by customers via the SDL Community, including the idea ranked #1 according to votes received from other SDL Community members.

When requesting a Data Export in SDL Managed Translation, users can now specify the date range they want to be included in the export, taking into account the project creation date. Users can select from a number of pre-defined date ranges or enter a custom date range.

It is now possible to upload additional reference files to an existing project in SDL Managed Translation. A new 'Files' section is presented from the Project Details page providing a list of all source and reference files for a given project. In addition, a file upload area is also available allowing users to upload additional reference files for a project. If a reference file with the same name already exists, the filename is automatically appended to prevent the original file from being overwritten. Access to this feature is controlled through user permissions. For more information, please get in touch with your regular contact person at SDL.

When creating a new project in SDL Managed Translation, it is now possible to specify a project due date up to twelve months in the future.

Ian Parnell

Product Manager - SDL Managed Translation