Dear Community,

The 18.2 update for SDL Managed Translation is now live!

This latest release includes a new TM Search feature that allows users to search for content directly in their translation memories. When performing a search, users can specify the type of search (TM Lookup or Concordance), the source and target language(s), and also specify the match quality and number of results that should be returned. The search results provide details on the TM in which a match was found, any match differences between the search text and the source string, and any penalties that are applied at translation memory or sequence level. Users can also expand each search result to reveal additional information about that segment, such as the date it was added to the translation memory, who it was created by, and how many times the segment has subsequently been used.

An overview of the TM Search feature is provided in following video: - 


Customers interested in using the TM Search feature should get in touch with their regular account contact at SDL or contact me directly at for more information.


Ian Parnell

Product Manager, SDL Managed Translation