The 19.7 update for SDL Managed Translation will be deployed to Production on Thursday, 4th July 2019.


In this latest release, we have made significant improvements to the way file uploads are handled in SDL Managed Translation. In particular, we expect this will benefit customers that work with large source and reference files and reduce the likelihood of timeouts occurring during upload.


As requested in the Ideas section of SDL Community, it is now possible to include the step deadline in the Ready for Review and Ready for Final SignOff email notifications sent by SDL Managed Translation.



The Project Due Date field can now be left empty when users initially navigate to the Create a Project page in SDL Managed Translation. Furthermore, the Project Due Date can default to a specific number of days in the future, configurable according to the requirements of individual customers. In all cases, the Project Due Date remains a mandatory field when creating a new project. Existing users will not notice any immediate change in behavior following the release of this feature. Configuration of this new setting should be requested through your regular contact person at SDL.



In the lead up to the 19.7 update, we have worked on a number of changes that will allow customers to configure multiple Review and/or SignOff steps in SDL Managed Translation. This will ensure we can support customers with more complex review and approval workflows, without the need for users to work in different online review interfaces. General availability of this feature will follow in an upcoming product release. Customers interested in learning more about this feature should get in touch with their regular contact person at SDL.


A number of performance improvements and optimizations have been implemented for the Dashboard Projects List.

Ian Parnell

Product Manager - SDL Managed Translation