The 19.8 update for SDL Managed Translation is now available. This is a minor update, following the release of SDL Managed Translation 19.7. 

With this latest release, we have implemented the following:


  • For the ManTra Client Review interface, users are not currently required to ‘take ownership’ of a task before working on it. Where multiple users are assigned, it is therefore possible for any of those users to work on the task simultaneously. For customers working with the Language Cloud Online Editor, the first user that opens a task is implicitly given ownership. That user then has to relinquish ownership ('reassign to group') before any other user is able to work on it. We have now implemented the same 'take ownership' behavior across the board in ManTra, regardless of which editor is implemented for a customer.
  • We addressed a fix for incorrect costing displayed in the quote for currencies using the following characters: h, e, s. With this release costing is now displayed correctly.
  • A number of performance improvements and optimizations for ManTra are also delivered in this release.

Sorina Veres

Product Owner - SDL Managed Translation