Blanket Purchase Order numbers

For those business units that use a blanket purchase order for the entire fiscal year is there a possibility of setting ManTra up such that the Blanket PO number can be automatically assigned to every project in that business unit as opposed to having to individually add it in for each project?

  • Hi Tim,

    it is possible to specify a default value for “PO Number” in a custom attribute field at project creation. We could set the default value for this field to the blanket PO number used for the current Fiscal Year. At the start of the next Fiscal Year, the default value could then be updated to the new PO Number.
    This is different from what is currently configured for your organization in ManTra. Currently you provide the payment information at the point of project authorization. If you want us to change the setup and have a fixed PO number please raise a Gateway ticket with the request (under Managed Service as per agreement) and specify the PO number to be set.

  • Thanks for the reply. When you say we can set the default value for the field I have two questions: 1-if that default value locked in and uneditable (just in case there is an exception to the default PO number)? 2-at what level is this default value set? Is it based on log-in or business unit, or project options or Philips global?
  • Hi Tim,

    below my answers.
    1) Yes, you can change the default value during job creation if there is another PO number you would need to enter instead. If this is forgotten during job creation the PJM would need to change it later on.
    2) The default value is set on config level i.e. for the project options you can select during job creation. For Invivo for example you have the 2 project options Monolingual and Multilingual, and you can choose to set different default values or have the same one. For MCS NBS Classic you have the 6 project options (Connected Sensing Mono+Multi, MCS Mono+Multi, NBS Mono+Multi) and you can set a default for each of them or the same depending on what is required.

  • Thanks. This seems like something we will want to pursue in the new year once we get the new PO number.
  • OK, great :-) So, once the new PO is in place please log a ticket in Gateway with the PO numbers per project option according to your requirements and we will make the necessary changes.

  • Thanks, Tim for asking the question I would have asked, too - once ManTra gets implemented for B300, too :-)

    We are using a general PO for all our projects (so this will be the default in ManTra), but the PO doesn't run for a specific time (e.g. fiscal year). When there is no money left on the PO, we raise a new one.
    When a ticket is raised, I assume the new default PO is implemented quickly? I understood that until this is done, I can always overwrite the default PO number manually.

  • If I am not mistaken, the new create a project from a template feature will address this concern nicely. I just watched a demo where you can save the PO in a template and it will always be there for each project. Then once you change PO numbers, there is a feature which allows you to over-write the old PO number with the new one and re-save the template. I think this makes sense....
  • Hi Beatrix,

    indeed, you can raise a ticket and the new PO number will be set by us as the new default value. This can be done very quickly.

    Alternatively, as Tim pointed out you can now save project templates that will store languages, PO info etc. e.g. Template A for IFU translations into X languages, Template B for Addenda translations into Y languages.

    Hope that helps.

    And thumbs up! So nice to see that you are using Community to post your ideas :-)