How long can the data range be in ManTra report?

I downloaded the report by clicking "Export my data" from ManTra, Arlo TMS(

Here are some questions:
1. How long can the data range be? It only shows the data from 1 year ago till today.
What should do if I want a longer data period?
2. Is it possible to generate a report with desired date range defined by different users? like 1 year and 7 months ago until today.
3. I cannot find any number in any columns display "cost", but we have cost model setup on the corresponding TMS and I can see the costs on TMS, I'm not able to check and change the settings of ManTra, could you help solve it?

Thank you.

SDL Managed Translation.xlsx

  • Hi Louis,

    The Data Export includes projects created in the previous 12 months. It isn't possible to customize the date range considered for the Data Export.

    In order for cost information to be included in the Data Export, you need to be granted the permission to 'View Cost Information' in TMS. This is the only cause I can think of as to why cost information is not included in the Data Export being generated. The LDTS team should be able to check and confirm this for you if you have access to raise a ticket with them?

  • Hi Ian,

    Regarding to cost information, I'll speak to the LDTS for help, thanks for pointing the direction.

    Actually our client of ManTra is wondering if they can select data range for Data Export function, at least they should be able to see all data since they purchased ManTra - it would be awkward if the client buys ManTra service for 3 years but the report only shows the data of the previous 12 months.

    Would it be possible to consider this as an enhancement for ManTra?