How to display end date set for client review step in the TMS system notification mail

Hi all,

Currently, it seems the end date set for client review step in TMS cannot be displayed in the system notification mail sent to client reviewer when the job is submitted to 'Review' step.

For client reviewers are most regional marketing people who are also busying with their daily business, so they would need this deadline information in the notification mail so that they can better manage their review job to avoid job overdue.

So if anyone knows how to display this information in the notification mail to client reviewers, please kindly advise the method.

Or, if it's a function that requires customization from PS team and you have previously done before, please kindly let me know as well! Big thanks in advance!

Best Regards,

Jack Chou


  • Hi Jack,

    Are you talking specifically about the email we send from ManTra when task(s) are "Ready to review"? 

    If so, we are currently working on an enhancement to include the step deadline in the review notifications sent from ManTra, where this has been defined in a project schedule. I expect this will be released in Production in the coming weeks.



  • Hi Ian,

    Thank you so much for your reply, I am not sure whether the Acer client reviewer will receive notficatiton from only Mantra or there will be one from TMS as well. But if the enhancement you mentioned for Mantra can include the due date we set for proofreading/review step using TMS project schedule function in the Mantra notification mail, then I think it should help.

    Please kindly keep us posted if proper, many thanks indeed.

    Best Regards,

    Jack Chou 

  • Hi Ian,

    some question from me on this:

    • in which ManTra release would this enhancement be included?
    • by when would it be coming out?
    • by when would it rolled out to prod i.e mantratms01?

    Thanks and cheers,