We are pleased to announce the availability of this cumulative update that contains all fixes from previous releases and the following additional fixes:

CRQ‑20438 Loading the Inbox no longer generates a fatal error in SQL Server which was causing the page to hang
CRQ‑20612 Running a job report on a system with large numbers of jobs no longer causes the page to time out
CRQ‑20700 The compatibility level of the translation memory databases now determines whether the schema update can take place
CRQ‑20722 When a user downloads the archive for a job, this is now logged in the audit trail for the job
CRQ‑20755 Deadlocks due to a large number of jobs have been mitigated through query optimization
CRQ‑20809 Tasks with an extensive history now load correctly on the task history page
CRQ‑20831 The calculation for the fuzzy match percentage is no longer overly optimistic
CRQ‑20846 Deadlocks during cost calculations have been mitigated through query optimization

SDL-hosted customers should contact SDL Support to arrange for this update to be deployed.

Customers who host SDL TMS themselves should download the installer for SDLTMS 12.5.29891.5 - Cumulative Update 5 for SDL TMS.exe from the following FTP site: ftp://ftp-emea.sdlproducts.com/SDL TMS/12.5.5