After upgrading to SDL TMS 12.0, it is no longer possible to edit a user without being forced to change the username to a valid email address.

This feature was implemented by design to help users migrate to the new SDL ID single sign-on functionality available in SDL TMS 12.0. However, in response to a number of customers raising issues with this feature, we have released this hotfix.

This hotfix introduces a new system setting in SDL TMS 12.0 that determines whether SDL TMS 12.0 will force the username to be an e-mail address when adding or editing users. The setting can be found in the Password And Security Settings section and is labelled as Username is email address.

SDL-hosted customers should contact SDL Support to arrange for this hotfix to be deployed.

Customers who host SDL TMS themselves should download the installer for SDLTMS12.0 Hotfix for CRQ-9846.exe from the following FTP site: TMS/12.0/Hotfix/