We are pleased to announce the availability of this cumulative update that contains all fixes from previous releases and the following additional fixes:

CRQ-13628, CRQ-13626, CRQ-13500
Translation memories originally created in one language direction and then subsequently indexed in the opposite direction do not return the correct results.

The logic which switches the language direction in order to perform the search was not working correctly.

SDL TMS now detects when a language direction has been reversed since the original translation memory creation and adjusts the searching algorithm appropriately.

SDL TMS TM Maintenance does not support TLS versions higher than 1.0.

The SDL TMS TM Maintenance desktop application was not configured to work with TLS versions higher than 1.0.

SDL TMS TM Maintenance build 2011.0.9092 or later now support TLS versions 1.1 and 1.2. Note that this fix requires a full install of SDL TMS 12.2 CU 11 rather than a patch installation as the updated application is only included in the full install.

SDL-hosted customers should contact SDL Support to arrange for this update to be deployed.

Customers who host SDL TMS themselves should download the installer for SDLTMS 12.2.26746.11 - Cumulative Update 11 for SDL TMS.exe from the following FTP site: ftp://ftp-emea.sdlproducts.com/SDL TMS/12.2/CU/

  • Hi Octavio,

    In order to have SDL TMS TM Maintenance build 2011.0.9092 you will need a full TMS 12.2.11 installer to be deployed, not just CU11 patch as per the details above.

    If you would like to have the installer, I can upload it to your staging environment for you.

  • David, we had our staging environment upgraded to 12.2 CU11 this morning but when I check My Downloads, I only see the old SDL TM Maintenance: SDLTMSTMMaintenance.2011.0.9090.msi

    Should that be available automatically?