We are pleased to announce the general availability of SDL TMS 12.2. See below for some highlights of this minor version release.

In a continuation of the security theme, SDL TMS 12.2 adds a number of new features to ensure the user accounts remain secure. These new features are inspired by existing standards and include:

  • Secured forgotten password
    It is now possible to mandate that a user validates their identity with an SDL TMS administrator before being able to reset their password.
  • Password reuse restriction
    A new option defines the period during which a user is not allowed to reuse a previous password.
  • Blocked password list
    An organization can have a list of passwords that cannot be used.
  • Password reset at first login
    When creating a user, the administrator can force the user to change their password on first login.
  • Minimum and maximum login times
    To prevent automated logins, an administrator can configure the minimum and maximum time allowed on the SDL TMS login page.
  • Failed logins limit
    The number of failed logins before a user is locked out of the system is now a configurable option on the system settings page.
  • Automatic unused account deactivation
    User accounts that have been inactive for some time can now be automatically disabled.

Unless noted otherwise, the new settings are available on the system settings page.

SDL TMS 12.2 now supports Microsoft Windows Server 2016 and Microsoft SQL Server 2017..

As part of a previous release, SDL TMS could be configured to use the system database for message queuing, as an alternative to the original Microsoft Message Queue. This option is now configured automatically, and SDL TMS 12.2 will use the system database for processing messages. This allows for easier prioritization and manipulation of messages, as well as making redundant the legacy QManager service.

In addition to the message queue, SDL TMS 12.2 has been "tuned up" to enable faster response times when using the web site and also to bring down the processing times of some key workflow stages such as Apply TM and Update TM.

For full information on these new features please refer to the detailed Release Notes available on https://docs.sdl.com/SDLTMS12.2/ReleaseNotes

Customers who host SDL TMS should download the installer for Sdl_Tms_12.2.26022.0.iso from the following FTP site: ftp://ftp-emea.sdlproducts.com/SDL TMS/12.2

Users are advised to refresh their browser cache after every SDL TMS upgrade.