Some time ago, SDL announced the deprecation of the original SDL TMS filters that create ITD files, which were originally intended to be translated and reviewed using the SDLX desktop translation software. It is important to note that these filters are no longer maintained and SDL are unable to resolve any issues that may arise from using these filters. SDL encourage all SDL TMS users to migrate their configurations to use the newer filters that support the SDLXLIFF format and are 100% compatible with SDL Trados Studio. In a future version of SDL TMS, it is possible that the legacy filters will be removed. Migration to the new filter set will ensure that SDL TMS implementations can be upgraded with the latest features and fixes. Customers who continue to use the legacy filters run the risk of not being able to update their implementation. In addition, any customers who wish to migrate to the new SDL Language Cloud platform will find that their transition is much smoother if they are using the SDLXLIFF filters.

David Pooley
Senior Product Manager